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University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo

Department of English Language and Literature


anim-gif.gifIn this age of advanced technology and information, the undeniable reality is that we have reached a turning point as to how we communicate. As never before, the role of English as a global language has been redefined in order for the individual to function in this new global environment. It is clear that those individuals who are eager to use the English language will be able to take advantage of the vast resources on a global scale. This department aims at preparing each student to explore the riches of the English language so that she will achieve her full potential in this new age of global communication.

The department has a proud heritage of preparing students to acquire a creative and analytical mind. By continuously encouraging students to seek for new interpretations in the respective disciplines of studies, this department has emphasized the importance for the individual to acquire the knowledge and the skills to express one's thoughts in English.


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Placing the fundamental focus on attaining English Communication Skills and versatility in different Cultural Perspectives of English, the curriculum offers three disciplines of Specialized Studies:

English Linguistics and TESOL

English and American Literature

Media and Communication

The curriculum is designed to provide students to develop both the skills and knowledge of English through these three fields of study.


BD14578_.GIF (200 ???) English Communication Skills

com.gif (44202 ???) As the foundation of the curriculum, our aim is to develop the four basic skills of language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), as well as the basic skills in using the computer and the Internet, in order for the students to be able to comprehend and communicate in English.

Many of the courses in the curriculum are conducted in English to provide numerous opportunities for the students to use the language on a daily basis.


BD14578_.GIF (200 ???) Cultural Perspectives of English

cult.gif (53928 ???)To communicate effectively in English, there is a need to gain an understanding of the cultural differences in the use of the language within this diverse global society. An in-depth examination of language use in the various subdivisions of society, such as in the arts and religion, will acquaint the students with cultural differences that shape the English language.


BD14578_.GIF (200 ???) Specialized Studies
After taking introductory courses in the three disciplines of studies, students enrolled in the program will select one of the three as their field of study.  Students will continue more advanced studies in that particular field to further their interest of study. Students will complete their undergraduate studies by selecting a theme from their field of study and preparing a graduation thesis in English.

BD10267_.GIF (311 ???) English Linguistics and TESOL
ling.gif (5285 ???)In English Linguistics and TESOL, courses in the following fields are offered: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, contrastive linguistics; TESOL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and language acquisition. In each field, close analyses are made of data on the English language, and theories are constructed to account for the facts. The ultimate goal of this research is to discover the general properties of human language.

BD10267_.GIF (311 ???) English and American Literature
lit.gif (38027 ???)Courses offered in English and American Literature will focus on the study of literary works in the English-speaking countries, including Britain, Ireland and the United States. Students will not only become familiar with writers and their individual works, but explore the social trends and cultural values of each period.

It has been a unique function of literature to shed light on the ambiguities of life by foregrounding the critical role language plays in our realistic and imaginative life.

BD10267_.GIF (311 ???) Media and Communication
media.gif (18735 ???)Media and Communication will offer courses for understanding and using the communication process in a variety of contexts, modes, and media. The courses will examine modern trends and changes in mass communication. Courses on practical skills in professional situations, such as interviewing techniques and journalistic writing, will also be offered.

In addition, there will be courses to explore ecological thought and community networking, aimed at achieving a sustainable society.


Students enrolled in the program will be able to earn a Teacher's Certificate for Junior High School and High School (English) upon completion of the required courses.

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ADACHI, Mami (Professor)

Shakespeare through the Visual Arts, Images of the Child in Literature, Story-telling Devices

BUSHELL, Brenda (Professor)

Environment Literacy, Environment Education, Cooperative Society

FUSE, Mikio (Professor)

Irish Literature, Literature and Electronic Media

HAYASHI, Ryujiro (Professor)

Syntax (Sentence Structure), Vocabulary and Word-formation, Semantics

KANAZAWA, Yoko (Professor)

Second Language Acquisition, L2 Writing, Pragmatics

KRAKOWER, Marsha (Professor)

Analyzing Global Media Output

NAKAGAWA, Tomoko (Professor)

British Novel, Language of Fiction, Literature and Material Culture

YAMADA, Yuki (Professor)

British and American Poetry, Poetry in Film, Asian American Writers

HAMAGUCHI, Toshiko (Associate Professor)

Discourse Analysis, Language and Society, Media Discourse

SUGIMOTO, Junko (Lecturer)

Phonetics and Phonology, Prosody, Teaching Pronunciation

green.gif (112 ???) POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMS

Master and Doctoral programs are offered for students who wish to pursue further research (currently in the fields of "English Linguistics" and "English and American Literature" only).